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Re: Difference between vlan pseudo interfaces and physical interfaces?

[I've deleted what I think are incorrectly-inserted line breaks]

> [hauke@pizza] /<2>src/atalk_multicast # ./atalk_multicast -i lo0
> lo0: ioctl SIOCADDMULTI on appletalk datagram socket failed: Address family not supported by protocol family
> [hauke@pizza] /<2>src/atalk_multicast # ./atalk_multicast -i vlan11
> vlan11: ioctl SIOCADDMULTI on appletalk datagram socket failed: Invalid argument
> [hauke@pizza] /<2>src/atalk_multicast # 

> where EINVAL is a very generic error, and I haven't the slightest
> idea how to track down the origin.  I looked at if_vlan.c, but its
> multicast routine does not appear to be the culprit.

> Any hints?

What I'd probably do in this case is to add printfs to every error path
I can find in the generic network-interface ioctl code to see which
path is erroring.  Then remove those printfs and add printfs inside the
code which is failing.  If a call is through a pointer, then print the
pointer and compare it against the symbol table to see what function to
add the next set of printfs to.  I'd drill down this way until I found
some relevant difference between the real-hardware and vlan code paths.

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