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Difference between vlan pseudo interfaces and physical interfaces?


are there any differences in application between vlans and physical 
network interfaces when it comes to non-IP protocols?

I just rototilled my home network for a vlan capable switch, and found 
that the Netatalk 2 atalkd refuses to work with vlan interfaces:

# kdump
 19528      1 atalkd   CALL  ioctl(4,SIOCGIFADDR,0x7f7fffdbb950)
 19528      1 atalkd   GIO   fd 4 wrote 144 bytes
 19528      1 atalkd   RET   ioctl -1 errno 49 Can't assign requested 

-- is atalkd being too picky here, or is there a fundamental 
incompatibility for ddp packets?


Hauke Fath                        <hauke%Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE@localhost>
Grabengasse 57
64372 Ober-Ramstadt

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