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Re: Using NetBSD as a travel router

On Jan 25,  9:14am, "D'Arcy Cain" wrote:
} On 01/25/2018 12:01 AM, John Nemeth wrote:
} > On Jan 24,  5:20pm, "D'Arcy Cain" wrote:
} > } ifconfig.athn0:
} > } up
} > } dhcp
} > 
} >      Don't use both "dhcp" here and "dhclient=YES" as "dhcp" here
} > enables dhcpcd (a different DHCP client program).
} In fact it never ran anyway beause the address was already in use.  I
} guess that explains it.  Should I set dhcpcd=YES in rc.conf?  It seems
} to be running anyway.

     You have three options:

- leave the dhclient stuff in rc.conf and remove dhcp from ifconfig.*
- remove dhclient stuff from rc.conf, remove dhcp ifconfig.* and add
  dhcpcd=YES to rc.conf
- remove dhclient stuff from rc.conf and leave dhcp in ifconfig.*

I don't recommend the second option as dhcpcd would try to manage
all interfaces unless you took additional steps to limit it.

} > } Anything jump out at anyone here?
} > 
} >      At a quick look, all I see is the attempt to start two DHCP clients.
} Can't be that since dhclient never started anyway.  I am pretty sure
} that the issue has something to do with NAT but I can't figure out what.

     My first thought was the ipforwarding sysctl, but you got
that.  I would have to go back and take a closer look at the ipnat
configuration.  But, you could try pinging from an inside machine
to an outside machine then run tcpdump on both the inside and
outside interfaces to look for the ping packets.

}-- End of excerpt from "D'Arcy Cain"

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