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Re: Using NetBSD as a travel router

On 01/25/2018 10:23 AM, John Nemeth wrote:
>      You have three options:
> - leave the dhclient stuff in rc.conf and remove dhcp from ifconfig.*
> - remove dhclient stuff from rc.conf, remove dhcp ifconfig.* and add
>   dhcpcd=YES to rc.conf
> - remove dhclient stuff from rc.conf and leave dhcp in ifconfig.*

Effectively option 3 was the one I used all along.

> I don't recommend the second option as dhcpcd would try to manage
> all interfaces unless you took additional steps to limit it.

Would dhclient have the same issue?

>      My first thought was the ipforwarding sysctl, but you got

Yah, I keep checking that one because it sure looks like that is the
issue.  Is there any way that forwarding could be disabled even with
that set?

> that.  I would have to go back and take a closer look at the ipnat
> configuration.  But, you could try pinging from an inside machine
> to an outside machine then run tcpdump on both the inside and
> outside interfaces to look for the ping packets.

I did try ipmon but all it says is that the mapping happened.  I ran
tcpdump but nothing seemed obvious.  I will delve deeper.

I almost wonder if the provider (Cox) is doing something to mess me up
but I can't imagine what.

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> IM:darcy%Vex.Net@localhost

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