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Re: Plan for improving IP_PKTINFO socket option handling

Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost> writes:

> That kind of thing is possible, but unreliable, and what's more, it
> is not impossible (and perhaps reasonable, once proven complete and
> effective) for the changes to be pulled up to NetBSD-8 (either before
> it is released or for 8.1 later or something.)
> Must better would be to find some #define that was changed, or added, or
> removed, if necessary by making a new one, which indicates that the
> change has been made, and then test that instead of __NetBSD_Version__.

Aha.  Well, I did introduce the IP_SENDSRCADDR at the same time, for
FreeBSD compatibility.  It was added in the same commit, so it should
tag along if this set of changes is pulled up.  I could say that if
that's defined, then the IP_PKTINFO stuff is fresh enough to be used.

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