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Re: Plan for improving IP_PKTINFO socket option handling

Now that this is in place, I'm preparing a pull request for PowerDNS, to
get it to compile out of the box on NetBSD.  Among other things, I need
to differentiate between NetBSD versions before and after my changes, to
keep older versions from trying to use the IP_PKTINFO socket option.

Since the first version with everything correctly in place is 8.99.11,
I'm doing this in the appropriate header file:

#if defined(__NetBSD_Version__) && __NetBSD_Version__ < 899001100 && defined(IP_PKTINFO)

The idea is that it'll be used for our ongoing -current starting with
8.99.11, and that our first official version to have the new code will
be NetBSD 9.

If my thinking is wrong, someone please let me know!  :)

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of Lisp.  Lisp is the most important idea in computer science.  --Alan Kay

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