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Re: ipfilter: keep state per-interface?

| Stateful packet inspection is enabled using `stateful' or
| `stateful-ends' keywords.  The former creates a state which is
| uniquely identified by a 5-tuple (source and destination IP
| addresses, port numbers and an interface identifier).  The latter
| excludes the interface identifier and must be used with precaution.
Thanks!  I guess I'll use it as an excuse to learn some npf :-)

BTW, matching on a state table entry and sending response are two
different stories.

Your packet comes in on vr1. There's a state table match based on
the source ip/port, destination ip/port and the interface. Sounds good?

Okay, then let's pass outgoing packet... on which interface? Routing
says: on vr0.

`stateful-ends` should be great for dynamic routing, when the incoming
interface can change on the fly (BGP, etc.) but I'm not sure it has
anything to do with the outgoing interface.


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