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Re: ipfilter: keep state per-interface?

Is this a bug, or is it working as designed?  For some reason, I
assumed there to be per-interface state tables and hence
consideration of the vr0 rules (i.e. I assumed a 'keep state' on a
vr1 rule would only> skip looking at the vr1 rules for future
matching packets)

It's by design. There's only one state table.

FYI: from NetBSD's NPF `man 5 npf.conf'

| Stateful packet inspection is enabled using `stateful' or
| `stateful-ends' keywords.  The former creates a state which is
| uniquely identified by a 5-tuple (source and destination IP
| addresses, port numbers and an interface identifier).  The latter
| excludes the interface identifier and must be used with precaution.


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