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Re: removal of rtsol{d}

In article <>,
Roy Marples  <> wrote:
>On 2014-09-08 11:24, Roy Marples wrote:
>> I also propose we change ip6mode `autohost` to start dhcpcd if not 
>> started in
>> rc.conf. Also, the static DAD sleep timings should be removed as dhcpcd 
>> will
>> ensure DAD has completed before forking if a carrier is present (if no 
>> carrier
>> then the static sleep is pointless anyway and dhcpcd will fork).
>> For the ip6mode == host | router users I suggest we add a new command 
>> to
>> ifconfig, like say ifconfig -w, so that ifconfig will spin until all 
>> addresses
>> have finished DAD which would result in a potentially faster and 
>> certainly
>> more accurate boot than just sleeping.
>I'm not sure I can do the first part.
>rc.d/network expects $rtsol_flags to be defined and doesn't actually do 
>anything for rtsold
>As such, I think the best we can do is show a warning if rtsol is set 
>and dhcpcd isn't.
>Here's a patch which does this and adds the -w command to ifconfig(8).
>The bootup of my laptop is noticeably faster now when processing the 
>network script.
>Comments welcome.

Perhaps not wait forever? Maybe add -w <secs> instead?


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