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Re: removal of rtsol{d}

> rtsol and rtsold have historically been used to send ICMPv6 Router
> Solicitation messages [...] expected the kernel to fully parse the
> resultant Router Advertisement message.  Of course, this turned out
> to be a bad idea because some userland options crept into the Router
> Advertisement, such as DNS options and wanting more configuration via
> DHCPv6.

I'm not sure that makes it a bad idea.  The kernel could export the
userland portions by any of several mechanisms.

Not that that makes it a good idea either, and it sounds as though it's
water under the bridge at the moment anyway.

> I would like to propose that we remove rtsold from NetBSD as dhcpcd
> supplies the equivalent functionality.

If this is done, I strongly suggest that rtsol and rtsold manpages be
added back in which explain that the functionality has been moved to
dhcpd.  Not everyone reads tech-net.  Might be a good idea to warn if
rc.conf attempts to turn rtsol and/or rtsold on, too.

> I also propose we change ip6mode `autohost` to start dhcpcd if not
> started in rc.conf.

I'd rather see that happen if dhcpd is not _specified_ in rc.conf.  If
it's specified NO, print a warning that autohost won't work without it,
maybe, but ignoring an explicit specification sounds like a very bad
idea to me.  There's precedent for warning about apparently
inconsistent configurations, such as (to pick an older example, because
that's what I have at ready hand - though it may still be current too)
ip6mode=autohost and defaultroute6 set.

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