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removal of rtsol{d}


rtsol and rtsold have historically been used to send ICMPv6 Router Solicitation messages on specified interfaces and expected the kernel to fully parse the resultant Router Advertisement message. Of course, this turned out to be a bad idea because some userland options crept into the Router Advertisement, such
as DNS options and wanting more configuration via DHCPv6.

dhcpcd has supported the sending of ICMPv6 RS and processing the resultant RA packets for some time now, thus making rtsol and rtsold redundant. I would like to propose that we remove rtsold from NetBSD as dhcpcd supplies the equivalent functionality. For example, you can launch dhcpcd in IPv6 only mode, disable
DHCPv6 like so:
    dhcpcd -6 --nodhcp6 bge0

I also propose we change ip6mode `autohost` to start dhcpcd if not started in rc.conf. Also, the static DAD sleep timings should be removed as dhcpcd will ensure DAD has completed before forking if a carrier is present (if no carrier
then the static sleep is pointless anyway and dhcpcd will fork).

For the ip6mode == host | router users I suggest we add a new command to
ifconfig, like say ifconfig -w, so that ifconfig will spin until all addresses have finished DAD which would result in a potentially faster and certainly
more accurate boot than just sleeping.

Comments as always are welcome.


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