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Re: PATCH to only announce RTM_NEWADDR once IPv6 DAD completes

Roy Marples <> writes:

> You mean what happens when a conflict is detected?
> I'm not sure that generating DELADDR is the right thing to do as it
> does exist within the kernel.
> Maybe a new message, RTM_DUPADDR? That suffers from the same possible
> crash for badly written programs though.

Not specifically.  I just meant that there is a correctness notion that
goes something like

   an address is in the kernel and not tentative
     if and only if
   a NEWADDR without a matching DELADDR has been received

so that a watcher that does bookeeping is guaranteed to have the right
state.  Right now I think that rule works, except for the 'not

If it's always the case that it's a one-way trip from tentative to
non-tentative to removed, then there are probably no issues.

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