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Re: PATCH to only announce RTM_NEWADDR once IPv6 DAD completes

On 15/05/2013 12:07, Greg Troxel wrote:
It seems like this behavior should be documented in a man page
somewhere, probably route(4). The change seems sensible, but it opens
up a question of what the invariant is.  I think it's something like

  all configured addresses which are not tentative have had a NEWADDR
  sent (that has not been withdrawn by a DELADDR).

Basically, I'd like a spec of how to take a stream of NEW/DEL and a set of current addresses and say if the behavior is right. I don't mean to suggest that you've done anything that breaks what the spec ought to be,
but it feels tricky.

You mean what happens when a conflict is detected?
I'm not sure that generating DELADDR is the right thing to do as it does exist within the kernel. Maybe a new message, RTM_DUPADDR? That suffers from the same possible crash for badly written programs though.


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