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Re: ip6addrctl(8) support

Frankly, that's disgusting, and other than being at least an attempt at
source address selection (which makes it better than nothing, perhaps)
it is truly ugly, and the man page is even worse (given it gives no
clue at all just what the "label" and "preference" actually do, given
the name "preference" one assumes it implies some amount of goodness,
and it appears that it expects (but doesn't actually say) integers,
but doesn't bother to say whether bigger integers or smaller integers are
better (and which are worse) in terms of the overall goodness.
(Of course, that's just the man page).

There has to be a better way for source addr selection than that, and
better than 3484 (which is truly ancient these days really).

I had some students do a version (that used sysctl for config, rather
than yet another magic ioctl and magic program to use it) a year or
two ago - unfortunately they never quite finished it to the stage where
it could be usefully used (or distributed) and they graduated and went
away, so ...   But it was both simpler, and more general, than 3484
(particularly in allowing applications to select preferred address types,
not just based upon prefix, which is mostly a truly ugly way to attempt
to select source addresses.)


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