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Re: ip6addrctl(8) support

In message <>
        on Wed, 16 Nov 2011 10:22:36 +0800,
        Ted Lemon <> wrote:
> On Nov 16, 2011, at 7:03 AM, Takahiro Kambe <> 
> wrote:
>> It reminds me that NetBSD needs ip6addrctl(8) support as like FreeBSD
>> for supporting real world's IPv6 environment.
> What's that?
Here is output on FreeBSD 7.4-STABLE:

% /usr/sbin/ip6addrctl show
Prefix                          Prec Label      Use
::1/128                           50     0        0
::/0                              40     1        0
2002::/16                         30     2      479
::/96                             20     3        0
::ffff:                 10     4        0

Quote from ipaddctl(8)

IP6ADDRCTL(8)           FreeBSD System Manager's Manual          IP6ADDRCTL(8)

     ip6addrctl -- configure address selection policy for IPv6 and IPv4

     ip6addrctl [show]
     ip6addrctl add prefix precedence label
     ip6addrctl delete prefix
     ip6addrctl flush
     ip6addrctl install configfile

     The ip6addrctl utility manages the policy table of source and destination
     address selection for outgoing IPv4 and IPv6 packets.  When ip6addrctl is
     invoked without an argument or with a single argument show, it prints the
     content of the policy table currently installed in the kernel.

     To modify the table, the following operations are available:

     add prefix precedence label
             Add a policy entry.  The prefix argument is an IPv6 prefix, which
             is a key for the entry.  An IPv4 prefix should be specified with
             an IPv6 prefix using an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address.  The precedence
             and label arguments are decimal numbers, which specify the prece-
             dence and label values for the entry, respectively.  This opera-
             tion should be performed without an existing entry for the pre-

     delete prefix
             Delete a policy entry specified by prefix, which should be an
             IPv6 prefix.  A corresponding entry for the prefix should have
             already been installed.

     flush   Delete all existing policy entries in the kernel.

     install configfile
             Install policy entries from a configuration file named


Takahiro Kambe <>

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