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Re: ip6addrctl(8) support

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 10:31:39AM +0800, Ted Lemon wrote:
> On Nov 16, 2011, at 7:12 AM, Takahiro Kambe <> 
> wrote:
> >     ip6addrctl -- configure address selection policy for IPv6 and IPv4
> Ah, source address selection.   Thanks.
> It might be worth considering leapfrogging the current state of the art 
> rather than conforming to it.

Look at the approach I take in in_getifa(9).  It is a more flexible way
to implement RFC3484 than ip6addrctl and the IPv6 stack currently use.


David Young    Urbana, IL    (217) 721-9981

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