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Re: maintainers/users of de(4), lmc(4) ?

>       Many Macronics chips will not run at 100MBs w/ tlp - de is
> still needed for these (though I retired _my_ last a few years ago).
>       Anyone want some for testing?  (specifically MX98715AEC's don't
> work except at 10baseT with tlp.  de works at 100baseTX-FDX including
> auto-negotiation, which leaves them chips unusable with a variety of
> vendors switches).  I have at least 2, maybe a half dozen on some shelf.

Does de(4) on NetBSD ever support non-DEC clones?
I don't think so.
    struct device *parent,
    cfdata_t match,
    void *aux)
    struct pci_attach_args *pa = (struct pci_attach_args *) aux;

    /* Don't match lmc cards */
    if (PCI_VENDOR(pci_conf_read(pa->pa_pc, pa->pa_tag,
        return 0;
    if (PCI_VENDORID(pa->pa_id) != DEC_VENDORID)
        return 0;
    if (PCI_CHIPID(pa->pa_id) == CHIPID_21040
            || PCI_CHIPID(pa->pa_id) == CHIPID_21041
            || PCI_CHIPID(pa->pa_id) == CHIPID_21140
            || PCI_CHIPID(pa->pa_id) == CHIPID_21142)
        return 1;

    return 0;

Anyway, I've tried my MX98715AEC with several kernels:

 auto: tlp driver didn't support it (yet)
 manual 10baseT: works
 manual 100baseTX: works

 auto: doesn't get proper speed
 manual 10baseT: works
 manual 100baseTX: doesn't work

So we should check diff between 1.5 and 1.6?

Izumi Tsutsui

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