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Re: maintainers/users of de(4), lmc(4) ?

        Yes, the use of DE on these cards dates back to at least '95,
which is the oldest built kernel I can see in an old disk image (from
a Pentium-Pro box's archives).  The last used was a 4.99.x built in June
2007 (for a different box).  IIRC, most of these were bought/sold as "DEC
compatible" cards by Linksys (and at Fry's).

        I'm fairly certain that I built a 4-port "OSPF" box at $work
using these (or some Linksys labeled Macronics) back around '94 or '95.
It ran whatever was NetBSD-current back then (as did all the non-Solaris

        Just pulled one from a Asus P2T4 (which _may_ actually work, but
was turned off years ago) - so I have three in my hands now.

        Ah ha....  Did you check a xx715AEC or a xx715AEC-C?  I have a
single AEC-C, and It works with tlp in 100Mbs mode, but automegotiation is
broken (at least with a variety of consumer grade switches).  From memory,
the earlier xx715A and maybe even rarer xx715C (memory is fading after ...)
did work with tlp (never personally seen anything labeled xx715B).

        Macronics kept changing the chip revs and the chips (_without_
changing revs) - Only Davicom seemed worse documented at the time.  The
few "real" '441s and '443s, any 100Mbs Intels (except multiport '550s)
and lots more old stuff are currenly in the junk pile and scheduled to go
to an e-waste center this weekend, so if you'd like any of these stuff,
please ask quickly.

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