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Re: Plans for an online meeting regarding Radiotap

2009/8/22 GÃbor Stefanik <>:
> 2009/8/21 Johannes Berg <>:
>> On Fri, 2009-08-21 at 17:04 +0200, GÃbor Stefanik wrote:
>>> I've reworked RTS/CTS since then, just haven't got to sending a new
>>> proposal yet. The current plan is as follows:
>>> TX_FLAGS & 0x0002: Use CTS
>>> TX_FLAGS & 0x0004: Use RTS
>>> TX_FLAGS & 0x0020: Disable RTS/CTS usage
>> Seems a bit strange, wouldn't setting neither RTS nor CTS have the
>> effect? Seems like 0x20 should rather be "use automatic and ignore the
>> other bits". Anyway, not appropriate here, you should just bring a new
>> proposal.
> The point is that if all bits are 0, auto-setup is used. The problem
> with my original proposal (using two bits) was that an all-zero value
> had different effect than not including the TX flags field (and simply
> swapping "none" and "auto" would result in an illogicality where what
> would logically be "use both" would become "use neither" - just the
> opposite of its logical meaning). Making 0x20 mean "Auto-select
> RTS/CTS", interpreting all-zeros as "Use neither", would have the same
> problem as my proposal - all-zeros is different from a missing field.
> (An empty, zeroed field 15 should have no effect on the process,
> behaving as if field 15 was not present in the header.)
>>> If I remember correctly, I made an implementation for the Linux kernel
>>> (a generator-side implementation) and one for Wireshark (a parser-side
>>> implementation). Or should I make two generator-side implementations
>>> according to the requirement (e.g. one for Linux, another for
>>> OpenBSD)?
>> No, that was ok, I just meant that therefore by definition it can't be a
>> problem of lack of implementations.
>> johannes
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Here also, please fix your cc-list, I'm not the david what you want to send to


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