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Re: Cannot get IPv6 router working

On Wed, 2009-07-01 at 10:11 +0100, Roy Marples wrote:
> So basically we only NAT IPv4 traffic.

Just out of curiosity:  Does this mean your provider is handing you
FE80::/10 space on the WAN?  

This reminds me of ISPs that used to hand out RFC1918 IPv4 space for
WANs on DSL/Cable.

It works, IIRC, but foreign traceroutes always time out at your your
next-hop-router (or next-two depending on how extensive the ISP's
private network is).

I just assumed that we were past all of that using V6

> Anyone mind if I update /usr/share/examples/pf/faq-exammple1 to
> reflect this, or is this a bug with PF?


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