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Cannot get IPv6 router working

Hi List

My NetBSD-5 IPv6 PPPoE router doesn't want to route :/

I get an inet6 fe80: address on pppoe0 which indicates IP6CP worked.
I add the route
    -inet6 default fe80::2 -iface -ifp pppoe0
I add a /64 address from my /48 block to ath0 in the same box.

From I can ping6 and traceroute6 this address without issue.
From the router I cannot ping6, and this is the traceroute6 output:

uberserver$ sudo traceroute6
traceroute6 to (2001:4f8:3:7:230:48ff:fe31:43f2) from 2a01:348:31:2:209:5bff:fe84:887d, 64 hops max, 12 byte pa
 1  fe80::21b:53ff:feda:6e60%pppoe0  16.329 ms  14.144 ms  13.804 ms
 2  * * *

Is that traceroute6 output normal?

The only way I can get any IPv6 to work is to add a /64 address from my /48 block to pppoe0, which my ISP tells me I should not have to do. Also, no clients on the LAN who use this router can actually use it for IPv6, as all IPv6 traceroutes won't get past the router.

I've been struggling with this all day and any help is appreciated. Is there any more information I can give, or any debugging I can do? Are there any obvious kernel options I'm missing?



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