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Re: if_flags

der Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> writes:

>> It would be nice to keep the API the same among *BSD.
> The API for interface flags is rather ill-defined, is my impression.
> It is not clear to me whether there is a spec that defines the type of
> fields that hold IFF_* interface flags; as I recall there were very few
> things that needed to be grown when I did this to 1.4T, so what little
> evidence I have indicates that the de-facto API wouldn't change much.
> (I've never seen anything like a real API spec for this stuff; I don't
> know whether this is because one doesn't exist or because I just
> haven't looked in the right place.)

The API is defined in the 4.4BSD sources :-)  I'm semi-serious; there has
to my knowledge been fairly little divergence.

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