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Re: if_flags

>> How much of a pain would it be to grow [if_flags]?  struct ifnet is
>> prepared for it; if_flags is 32-bit-aligned and the next field after
>> it is a pad field.
> As long as you add a second field, it should not be a problem.  If
> you want to make if_flags itself 32bit, you have to deal with
> endianess, don't you?

I can't see why; if_flags doesn't appear anywhere where endianness is
relevant as far as I know (no wire protocols, for example).  I didn't
have any endianness issues when just growing the field on 1.4T, and I
use hardware of each endianness regularly.  And if endianness mattered,
wouldn't we have such issues today with the existing field, since it's
already more than one byte?

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