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Re: v6 troubles ("cannot forward")

> There is clearly something I don't understand going on here, [...].
> [...] I find it hard to believe v6 is this badly broken for everyone,
> leading me suspect it's me doing something stupid....

It was something stupid.  There are multiple things that interacted to
produce the problem, and which one you want to pin the stupidity on
will depend on how you squint your mind.

(1) I used an editor on /etc/rc.d/network which wrote a backup file.
(2) NetBSD's boot-time scripts have been "improved" by making them
   willy-nilly run everything in /etc/rc.d.
(3) /etc/rc.d/network leaves v6 in a broken state if it's run twice.

I assume you can all see how those add up to the problem.

Personally, I am inclined to blame all three, in vaguely equal
portions.  (2 is my favoured culprit; this is just the sort of problem
that made me unhappy about /etc/rc.d to begin with.  But I did know
about it, which is why I blame 1 as well.  And if it weren't for 3 the
rest would have been mostly-harmless inefficiency.)

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