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Re: v6 troubles ("cannot forward")

>> eval ifalias_$iface\_1='"inet6 2610:98:0:ffff::1 prefixlen 127"'
> This looks fishy. "ifconfig .... alias" has only a meaning for IPv4 -
> in IPv6, there isn't any hierarchy between the different addresses an
> interface might have.  I suspect this might be a problem.

I am inclined to doubt it, and the principal reason is that the
four-command "fix" I gave works equally well if I add "alias" to the
end of the second ifconfig command, the one that re-adds the address.
The resulting address looks the same when reported by ifconfig -au as
the version without "alias", for what that may be worth.

> Make the IPv6 address a non-alias for a test.

I'll have a look at that.  It'll mean yet more hackery in rc.d/network,
though, which is why I can't try it quite as on-the-spot as I can
adding "alias" to the ifconfig command.

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