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Re: DHCP client with minimal functionality and size

On Thursday 10 April 2008 23:46:21 David Brownlee wrote:
>       As other people have mentioned its probably best to have
>       the default behaviour of dhcpcd to be changing no more than
>       dhclient, to avoid annoying people.

I can understand that.
I'll ask the maintainers of dhcpcd in some Linux distros as that change would 
affect them as it's changing a long standing default behaviour.

However, I do think it's fair that if you request an option that dhcpcd knows 
about, such as NTP servers, then it will configure them for you.

>       Can it take the options from a config file also (I know, more
>       parsing code, more size...)

Not presently. I'm also not convinced of a need for one as you can set all the 
options via the command line.

> > Also, the curret dhcpcd is hardcoded to a small list of parameters to
> > request and make available to the script. One of the goals with the new
> > framework is to allow the user to request parameters to be made available
> > to the script which previous dhcpcd didn't care about. This is the
> > missing feature I mentioned earlier, and it's the one thing that dhclient
> > can to that dhcpcd currently cannot.
>       As a thought rather than having them as optional parameters it could
>       always either set them in the environment or pass them in as a list
>       of VAR1=value1 VAR2=value2

I dislike environment for that, a config file would be better. Not sure what 
you mean by VAR1=value1 though, as I'm just suggesting the list adding to the 
list of  parameters to request, not setting any values. So it could as easily 
be done via a command line option.



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