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Re: GSoC 2008 - Create an in-kernel API for "packet classes"

>  Since you are working in this space, I'd like to see the packet-classes API
> be completely
>  independant of pf and pf tags - this may require more work from you to
> change pf but if
>  this isn't achieved, then you haven't really got a "packet class API",
> you've just moved
>  some of pf's code.
>  Further, to demonstrate that you've got the API correct, modify ipfilter to
> filter on these
>  packet classes and do this without referencing anything that is
> pf-specific.
>  Darren


Yes You are right.But I have a doubt regarding implementation of this.

 The main use of API is in 2 cases:

1) During the registration part of classes by ALTQ or driver : This
has nothing much to do with pf or pf_tags.

2)When PF calls this API to convert its tag name to token : I am not
sure how can I implement this mapping to find a corresponding token
for a tag which is pf specific.

Did  I overlook something? Please let me know.


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