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Re: why not have rcvars for all rc.d scripts? -- and downinterfaces and not complete rc.d scripts

>> [...], I rather dislike the way it pushes configuration information
>> out into a bunch of little files instead of keeping it in rc.conf -
>> the aspect of that that bothers me most, personally, is network
>> interface configuration.)
> you can put a lot of network config (at least what i use) in rc.conf.

Yes, but not if you have more than two addresses on an interface.  I
added code to 3.1's rc.d/network to handle ifalias_xxN_1,
ifalias_xxN_2, etc; if anyone wants it I'll be happy to share, but the

        # Note that $ifaliases_xxN works only with certain configurations and
        # considered not recommended.  Use /etc/ifconfig.xxN if possible.

leads me to think NetBSD does not want it, so I haven't gone through
yet another round of trying to fix something only to be unequivocally
told it's not broken.

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