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Re: why not have rcvars for all rc.d scripts? -- and downinterfaces and not complete rc.d scripts

> 1) Why not have rcvars for all rc.d scripts?

> Several scripts can't be disabled (i.e. they don't have any rcvar to
> enable): [...]

Probably someone thought they should always run, and nobody objected.
(It wasn't until I squawked that fsck_flags appeared, I think.)

Many of the ones you list have other controls that are functionally
equivalent; for example, a missing sysctl.conf effectively disables
sysctl.  (I am not defending the current paradigm, just trying to
describe it; in fact, I rather dislike the way it pushes configuration
information out into a bunch of little files instead of keeping it in
rc.conf - the aspect of that that bothers me most, personally, is
network interface configuration.)

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