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Re: Some changes to autoconfiguration APIs

And as a possible optional extra, one fairly
easy way to add type checking woukd be to add
an extra dummp printf format string arg, unused
by config_found (would cost one useless ptr
push at each call, but we can bear that), declare
config_fiund __printf_like, and let the compiker
do arg verification (correct types, etc) for
us.  We'd miss correct pointed at type verification
but everyone avoids tgat using (void *) anyway.

Provide a few standard format strings for
the common use cases, whatever they are, so
people just naturally use those (they'd just
be things like "%d%d%d%p%u" where the %d%d
and %d%p are two key abd data pairs, and the
%u is for a null key that terminates things.

Seems like it could work to me, but  I haven't
worken on autoconf cide since the early 80's I
think  so who knows.


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