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Re: Some changes to autoconfiguration APIs

    Date:        Mon, 2 Aug 2021 01:36:26 +0100
    From:        David Brownlee <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | 3) This email takes one of Taylor's suggestions and hangs an explicit
  | version on the calls, which should give reasonable forward
  | compatibility

That solves the wrong problem,  there is (one
exception) no binary compat issue, when the
kernel is recompiled with a new CF_VERSION
all the code is recompiled with that new
version ID, they all get it fron the sane .h
file, so all depend upon it.

The exception is modules, if one wanted to be
able to change versions without a kernel vers
bump, but I see no reason at all to ever need,
or even want, that, it isn't as if anything here
makes kernel version bumps less needed.

The issue, if you looked at Jason's message is
what happens when the semantics of an option
are to change, or similar, not trying to keep
some kind of ABI stability.

Personally I'm something of a fan of trusting
the caoabilities of the developers who work in
this area, make the interface simple enough to
be understood, then just let people use it.


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