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Re: 9.1: no wsmouse events...sometimes.

>> In particular, I note that [the "broken" boot attaches devices in a
>> different order from the "working" boot]
> This is not it.  [...]

This morning I finally tracked this down.  It was something entirely
unexpected, at least to me.

I had somehow (a) failed to install /dev/wsmouse when setting up the
standalone system's /dev and (b) failed to notice that fact despite
repeated checks on what was in the standalone /dev.

/dev/wsmouse is normally an alias for /dev/wsmux0 (as in, they have the
same major/minor numbers).  The X server normally opens /dev/wsmouse,
aka /dev/wsmux0, and reads events from there.

But, as it turns out, if /dev/wsmouse doesn't exist (and probably if it
exists but can't be opened, though I didn't test that), the X server
tries /dev/wsmouse0 instead - and I _did_ install /dev/wsmouse0.

This of course then takes the wsmouse instance away from its mux
(mux2), giving events to the X server directly, rather than any mux.
Unplugging and replugging leaves the X server with a now-useless fd
open on the now-moribund former wsmouse0, with the new wsmouse instance
feeding events to mux2 exactly as desired.

I created /dev/wsmouse in the standalone /dev and it now works fine.

My apologies for bothering everyone with something this sloppy and for
raising doubts about a piece of the kernel that appears to be working
perfectly well.

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