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Re: 9.1: no wsmouse events...sometimes.

> [W]hat if you work in the opposite direction?  That is, after
> everything is booted and working, never mind the magic that makes it
> go, you explicitly detach the mouse from the wsmux it picks by
> default and  explicitly reattach it to the mux you want before
> starting your application?

Ah, trying to break the working system instead of fixing the broken
one?  That's a tack worth taking; I already tried it, in some mild
ways, with turning wscons-related stuff off.  I'll try what you
suggest, though I suspect (based on wsconsctl output in the full system
and its similarity to what WSMUXIO_LIST_DEVICES in the application
returns, and on the way unplugging and replugging makes it work) that
it'll still work.  Still, I've been surprised often enough....

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