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Re: 9.1: no wsmouse events...sometimes.

	hello.  Following up on your observations, what if you work in the opposite direction?
That is, after everything is booted and working, never mind the magic that makes it go, you
explicitly detach the mouse from the wsmux it picks by default and  explicitly reattach it to
the mux you want before starting your application?  I have the following in my /etc/rc.local to
detach the bell from all the auxiliary sound cards it  grabs a hold of at boot time.  this
isn't exactly what you want, but similar commands concerning the mouse, rather than the bell,
might get you something that works on boot without requiring  plugging and replugging the mouse
to get things going?


# Turn off the secondary bells on the system  (BB 01/28/2021)
/usr/sbin/wsmuxctl -f 1 -r wsbell1
/usr/sbin/wsmuxctl -f 1 -r wsbell2

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