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re: CVS commit: src/sys/sys

>   | * changes to things that kmem grovelers chase
> I don't think kernel version bumps really help there either - for those
> I think it is normal just to expect that a kmem groveller (of which there
> are not many left, fortunately) might need to match the kernel version if
> it is to be expected to work.   That is, if you boot a new kernel, you're
> likely to have to rebuild those things (if you need them - it has been a
> long time since I was last bothered by one of those failing, whatever the
> difference between the version of user level code and the kernel)

there's a rough ability to "guess" you have a matching kernel/kmem
groveller based upon the version.  eg, crash(8) will notice a
mismatch and tell you about it.  while not always valid, it is
almost all the time, more than enough to be useful.


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