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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/sys

    Date:        Sat, 25 Feb 2017 18:13:34 +1100
    From:        matthew green <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | there's a rough ability to "guess" you have a matching kernel/kmem
  | groveller based upon the version.  eg, crash(8) will notice a
  | mismatch and tell you about it.

Hmm - I see that, and it looks close to useless to me.

  | while not always valid, it is
  | almost all the time, more than enough to be useful.

I very rarely run crash so I hadn't noticed, but I do switch between
GENERIC and locally configured kernels (built from the same sources,
so the same kernel version) - sometimes quite frequently (I have
both installed, and entries for both in boot.cfg - for all 3 of the
version I normally boot, the last stable version before that, and the new
kernel that I want to test).    Of those 3, any (or all) might be the
same kernel version (depending upon when bumps were needed) but
core files from the 6 of the kernels I have sitting around are very
unlikely to be compatible with each other.

If crash is going to go to that trouble, better would be for it to
check the .version field of the uname struct, rather than the .release
(that is, it currently checks, effectively, uname -r output, if it
checked uname  -v instead, it would almost always get it right.)


ps: aside from pacifying humans (ie: uname output), I cannot think of an
internal kernel anything that cares about the version - except the module

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