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Re: Problem with install of NetBSD-6 from cd on i386 siside

On Wed, 07 Mar 2012 15:14:52 -0000
"David Lord" <> wrote:

> I have since obtained netbsd-6 src via cvs on a different system,
> built a release, copied sets over network and updated target pc
> to NetBSD-6. I am able to mount the cdrom and "tar -tzvf comp.tgz"
> initially gave same error as above but then completed ok. Seems
> the drive isn't being allowed to spin up.

Just a note: beware about the missing -p option when extracting sets.
Permissions will not be restored properly and things like setuid
binaries will not be working (a common issue would be for instance,
su(1) not working after installing base.tgz).  This might not matter
for the comp.tgz set, though.

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