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Snapshots in tmpfs

Hi folks,

when stumbling around in the wiki for interesting topics for my bachelor thesis I found this entry:

I consider to work on that this summer.

What I've done so far:

*) spoke to a lecturer who is very interested in this topic and is prepared to supervise me.

*) spoke to two NetBSD developers personally. They said that are prepared to help me finding support in the community.

*) spent enough time working with C to feel confident with this task.

*) Made myself clear that the main purpose is a good thesis, which might not be ready for being committed to NetBSD, but might me a good source for others.

What information I need:

I'm into this out of interest in filesystems and because I'm looking for challenge. Are there any other interesting filesystem topics (which might not be on the wiki) to work on?

What is it good for? The only practical use I can imagine are backups on thin clients, which operate without a hard disk. But this is clearly far-fetched, in my eyes.

*) Are there folks out there who are interested in supporting me?

Manuel Wiesinger

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