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Hi folks,

I have a question regarding the vnode_to_path() function in
vfs_getcwd.c. This function should be called from kern_exec.c in order
to make $ORIGIN work in the dynamic linker, but for some reason is
commented out:

#ifdef notyet
         * Although this works most of the time [since the entry was just
         * entered in the cache] we don't use it because it theoretically
         * can fail and it is not the cleanest interface, because there
         * could be races. When the namei cache is re-written, this can
         * be changed to use the appropriate function.
        else if (!(error = vnode_to_path(dp, MAXPATHLEN, p->p_textvp, l, p)))
                data->ed_pack.ep_path = dp;

I don´t understand the issue from the short description. Can someone
explain what is exatly wrong?



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