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Re: language bindings (fs-independent quotas)

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 04:27:53PM +0200, Alan Barrett wrote:
> >what are you trying to do ?
> I am just trying to enable quotas so that I can test some of the
> quota-related commands.
> >quotaon won't do anything if / doesn't have the userquota or
> >groupquota keyword in the fstab, and you have to run quotacheck
> >before quotaon.  This is for ufs-quota1.
> I don't see that in the quotaon(8) man page.
> "The filesystems specified must have entries in /etc/fstab and be
> mounted."
> I have that.
> "quotaon expects each filesystem to have quota files named
> quota.user and which are located at the root of the
> associated file system.  These defaults may be overridden in
> /etc/fstab.  By default both user and group quotas are enabled."
> I interpreted that as "by default, quotaon will just work".
> Anyway, when I run quotacheck, it complains:
> $ sudo quotacheck /
> quotacheck: / not found in /etc/fstab
> I do have an entry for "/" in /etc/fstab:
> from_mount    /               ffs     rw,log                  1 0
> This is in a chroot, and the actual device name is /dev/cgd1a,
> but fstab doesn't know that.

quotacheck also needs to have userquota and/or groupquota option in the
fstab (otherwise it doens't know what to check).

I agree the man pages are not clear on this (although if you read the whole
quotacheck man page you get hits about it, like:
     -u      Only user quotas listed in /etc/fstab are to be checked.  See
          also -g.

which I interpret as "quotas are listed in fstab in some way").

I didn't change the behavior nor the man pages for these commands, so
I'm not to blame for this :)

> >For ufs-quota2, quotas are enabled at newfs time, or with tunefs (with
> >the later this has to be done on a read-only mounted filesystem, and you
> >have to run fsck before mounting R/W). quotaon won''t do anything
> >for ufs-quota2.
> The quotaon(8) man page does not say that it's only for some file
> system types, and does not refer to newfs, tunefs, or fsck.

I documented is in fstab(5), which is where userquota and groupquota
are documented. quotaon(8) and quotacheck(8) could probably be improved.

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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