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Re: language bindings (fs-independent quotas)

On Fri, 18 Nov 2011, David Holland wrote:
The proposed standard format for quotas is an ordinary columnar text file. The reason language bindings came up is that Manuel was complaining, somewhat oddly, that it's hard to handle these in Perl.

Assuming that there's no need to handle fields with embedded spaces, perl's split() function will DTRT.

And actually, language bindings are probably a good thing anyway; if you have an installation with 50,000 users and you want to frob their quotas from a Perl script, forking 50,000 edquota processes is probably not the best approach.

Oh my, I missed the part of the edquota man page where it says "a temporary file is created for each user". Why can't it just create a single temporary file with a text table of all quotas?

By the way, I still haven't figured out how to test any of this quota stuff. "quotaon /" followed by "edquota -f /" does nothing (no error message, and no useful result). Using the device name "/dev/cgd1a" instead of the file system name "/" does not help.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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