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Re: ChewieFS

On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:20:37 +0100, Julian Fagir <> 

You're declaring it still has some bugs - which are those? Before trying it
out (I hope to have an SSD some time), it would be nice to know them. ;-)
The issues listed seem rather technical.

There are two known bugs:
- If you write out a file which is greater than the available free space, the file will be resized to the free size (this is normal), and after remount this file will cause a crash. - If you truncate a file shorter, the original data stays in the memory until you remount the filesystem. Appending will be working on it, but if you truncate it longer before remounting, the file will be filled by the original data instead of zeros. I didn't find how i can drop the "dirty" page_cache if the FS doesn't need it anymore.

But, how Adam said, the ChewieFS isn't designed for SSD.

Tamas Toth

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