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Re: ChewieFS


> We would like to introduce a new flash filesystem for NetBSD-current  
> (5.99.56) called ChewieFS.
> More information and the source is available here:
> It's already usable, but there are some bugs yet. We're trying to fix them  
> as soon as possible.
> The development of the filesystem was started nearly 2 years ago at the  
> Software Engineering Department of University of Szeged. Thanks to Ahoka,  
> our flash subsystem is already in the kernel and we hope that the FS also  
> can be part of the kernel soon.
> Please check it, and any kinds of feedback are welcome.
without having looked at the source code: Do you have any papers for a
detailed overview?
On the documentation page there are only presentations.
Having a list of the way it was designed, what purposes for, etc., would be
nice. Is it for small flash devices or rather fast SSDs?

You're declaring it still has some bugs - which are those? Before trying it
out (I hope to have an SSD some time), it would be nice to know them. ;-)
The issues listed seem rather technical.

Regards, Julian

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