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Re: automatic package statistics

On 14 Oct 1999, Julian Assange wrote:

> We don't need the statistics to be completely accurate over n to
> be useful. Just so long as any bias is reasonably uniform.
> We can send packets out to port 53 to bypass many firewalls.

        I can just imagine how bloody happy that is going to make some
        firewall admins when they find these strange NetBSD boxes
        suddenly sending out fake DNS packets, and the person who set them
        up does not even know about it. Thats not a good impression to
        give people...

        Suggestion - the first time a package install runs interactively
        it asks if the user is willing to allow this to happen, and
        lets them choose the type of response (maybe defaulting to none)
        It gets appended to /etc/mk.conf and never gets asked again.

        This causes the lowest level of irritation to the widest number
        of people, but gets the responses :)

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