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Re: automatic package statistics

    Date:        14 Oct 1999 07:13:08 +1000
    From:        Julian Assange <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | opt-in would make it useless. And the sentiment is irrational.

Irrational maybe - but even the existance of anything like that would
be enough to convince me to trash pkgsrc, and go back to simply
fetching tarballs from the net and installing them the old way.

especially since you haven't given any explanation at all as to why
this would be useful for anything.

"So I can collect statistics" isn't an explanation of anything - collecting
statistics isn't a useful goal, the stats have to have a purpose for
being collected, and "linux people are doing it so we should too" is
100% inconvincing to me.


ps: you have also just convinced me that I need to start blocking packets
to port 53, other than from the few systems which are running the back
end resolvers and need to be able to send those packets.

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