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Re: automatic package statistics

On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 08:47:54PM +0200, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> Actually, I think a properly configured network shoudln't allow spoofed
> adresses to go out. At last on mine it will not work :)


1) Make it a mk.conf option (Argue about the default setting in another
         thread please)
2) Perhaps a mk.conf option for UDP/email/DNS/other method of registering?
        (email would allow people to build a package offline, and queue the
         registration up for later delivery)
3) Alternately, make it a package you need to install to activate registration
   Or a utility you can run to update all your installed pkgs (in the central
   registry) - so you can install many packages, then submit one bulk reg.

As for the concern about dial-on-demand users... What type of network
traffic won't bring up your on-demand link? UDP, broadcasts... ?

P.S. Why is tech-crypto in the CC ?

David Maxwell,| --> Mastery 
of UNIX, like
mastery of language, offers real freedom. The price of freedom is always dear,
but there's no substitute. Personally, I'd rather pay for my freedom than live
in a bitmapped, pop-up-happy dungeon like NT. - Thomas Scoville 

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