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Re: automatic package statistics

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 03:12:22AM +1000, Julian Assange wrote:
> I've never had any feedback on whether people use these or not. I am
> wondering whether they are worth maintaining (they were certainly a
> gargantuan effort to create). I feel certain that other pkg authors
> are also in the same boat. I propose therefor, that and
> pkg_add be modified to send a single udp packet (with
> uname -a, and package info) under the following circumstances:
>         a) on a successful / unsuccessful distfile/pkg fetch
>         b) on a sucessful / unsuccessful build
>         c) on install / pkg_add
> For privacy reasons source addresses would not be logged, indeed a
> compile time option could be used to enable address spoofing --
> although this seems extravagant given the amount of trust implicitly placed
> in * by anyone running NetBSD code (and the logging that
> ftpd, cvs etc already does).

Actually, I think a properly configured network shoudln't allow spoofed
adresses to go out. At last on mine it will not work :)

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