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Re: First new vax in ...30 years? :-)

Den 2021-07-07 kl. 17:25, skrev Johnny Billquist:
On 2021-07-07 16:46, Anders Magnusson wrote:
Den 2021-07-07 kl. 16:40, skrev Paul Koning:

On Jul 4, 2021, at 5:08 AM, Anders Magnusson <ragge%tethuvudet.se@localhost> wrote:

Yep.  And the instructions are very straight-forward, not much specialties. I used the "Vax Architecture Reference Manual V6.1" from 1982 as reference.
That's a good source but the best one is DEC Std 032, that's the internal specification with detail that wasn't released outside.  It's on Bitsavers I believe.  EL-00032-00.
It's mostly the same publication, but the 1982 book don't have the internal revision comments.
And I like paper copy  :-)

I think I might actually have both on paper...
Anyway, the DEC Std 032 was revised with a bunch of things up to 1989, so the 1982 version is missing some things.

Not sure how much of those revisions you care about, though, ragge.
From the top of my head: vector extension, virtual machine extensions, the alternative mmu with up to 34 bit physical addressing, some octaword stuff...
Currently not much; i've looked at it on bitsavers.
What could be interesting in the future would be the Virtual VAX stuff.

-- R

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