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Re: New vax - implementation :-)

This gives us an architecture that can be both superscalar and superpipelined (just like the Alpha :-) )

IEEE floating point:
The current floating point formats are very like IEEE formats (compared to other pre-IEEE formats).? The F, G and H matches in layout the IEEE Single, Double and Extended but the exponent bias is slightly different and subnormal values are missing. By adding the three IEEE formats I think it would require very few extra gates to make it behave like the DEC FP instead.

Vax have had multiprocessor support since ~forever, but it may be a good idea to revise the interlock instructions. There are only 7 of them and a few more would be nice. Having it in a FPGA would make it simple to clone up many Vaxen in the same cheap chip :-)

I, for one, welcome our multi-hundred-core, superscalar VAX supercomputer overlords.

Seriously, this would make pkgsrc bulk builds so much easier.

Is this the first FPGA implementation of a processor that can natively run VMS?


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