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NetBSD/vax - worth continuing?

I've been fixing things in NetBSD/vax for a long time. On and off, admittedly, and mostly focused around the 86x0 support.

But it seems as if this is not worth doing anymore. NetBSD/vax does not build natively, and have not done so for years. And noone seems to even notice.

Running on a real 8650, a "cvs update" on /usr/src nowadays take days, and usually the machine hangs after about a day, because of some bugs in the system which just seem to stop all I/O activity.

The latest attempt at checking things out last week, ended up with me actually crashing into ddb (I lost what the error was).

It seems as if NetBSD/vax is actually dead. It just hasn't realized it yet.

Just for a blast, I'm booting Ultrix on the 8650, to see what the difference in speed will feel like. But I think I'm going to stop trying to boot and run NetBSD on the 8650. I don't see the point anymore.

Is anyone actually trying to use NetBSD/vax at all? build.sh crashes as on the first C-file it tries to compile, at this point.


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